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Anti-Bioplastics Amendment Adopted by French Parliament

A very suspicious amendment was adopted by French MP in the context of the new Circular Economy law.

Amendement n°2372 on Article 10 BIS C of the Circular Economy Law says:

The Government will submit a report to Parliament  on the health, environmental and societal impacts of biobased, biodegradable and compostable plastics over their entire life cycle by the 1st January 2021 at the latest.

This report will address the risk of microplastics related to composting biobased, biodegradable and compostable plastics.

The amendment also refers to “perturbateurs endocriniens” (endocrine disruptors, PFAS) in plastic packaging. In other words, the government will have to analyse the content of PFAS in bioplastics packaging.

Is this an attempt to undermine Bioplastics?

The amendment was presented by following MPs:

Mme Rossi, Mme Pitollat, Mme Bagarry, M. Baichère, Mme Brunet, Mme Bureau-Bonnard, Mme Cariou, M. Delpon, M. Dombreval, M. Gaillard, Mme Gaillot, M. Garcia, Mme Gayte, M. Haury, Mme Le Feur, Mme Lenne, M. Marilossian, Mme Michel, Mme Muschotti, Mme O’Petit, Mme Panonacle, Mme Park, M. Perrot, Mme Petel, Mme Pételle, Mme Pompili, Mme Provendier, Mme Racon-Bouzon, Mme Sarles, Mme Tiegna, M. Venteau, M. Simian, M. Damien Adam et Mme Marsaud


  • They ONLY stipulate biobased plastics, not fossil-based plastics, when referring to the “risk of microplastics”.
  • Why is it that only bioplastics packaging has to be analysed on “endocrine disruptors”? Why do they talk about “endocrine disruptors” in a law called “Circular Economy”? Is this not a sanitary / health issue? They should have set this health issue in another law and covered all types of packaging (recycling, paper, cardboard, glass).



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It was inspired by an article published on plasturgie.green. This federation has just been established but they’re already sharp and accurate.

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