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Bacardi Launches Bioplastics Glasses Made of Rice Husks

Bacardi launches bio-based, recyclable glasses made out of rice husks.

Bacardi, one of India’s top alco-bev companies, has launched bio-based, reusable and recyclable glasses made out of rice husks.

These will be used at the brand’s experiential properties and events, including the cultural festivals Bacardi NH7 Weekender and Casa Bacardi.

These glasses are sourced and produced in India, durable and can be used for repeated beverage consumptions, making them timely and relevant alternatives to single-use plastic glasses, which pose an environmental concern, especially in India, where the air quality is poor.

The glasses are produced at a third-party manufacturing unit with indigenously-sourced materials.

Besides rice husk, the glasses are made using vegetable-based oil and reusable and recyclable food-grade polystyrene.

Melamine-free and food-grade compliant, the glasses can hold any liquid.

Bacardi is leading a worldwide campaign on sustainability titled Good Spirited. It is aimed at specific sustainable goals in sourcing, packaging and operations.

Last year, as a part of a campaign titled The Future Doesn’t Suck, the brand also joined forces with Lonely Whale to spread the message of reducing the use of single-use plastic straws, aimed at removing one billion plastic straws by 2020.

Rohith Reddy, marketing director, Bacardi AMEA (Asia, Middle East and Africa), said, “At Bacardi, we have charted an ambitious course to build a brighter future.

Our global Good Spirited sustainability initiative has inspired us to look at innovative ways to address environmental impact, such as single-use plastic and also air quality – a serious issue facing many parts of India.”

“The creation of our bio-based, recyclable and reusable glasses made from rice husk are an innovation we have spearheaded to assist in this effort.

The rice husk we use is sourced from local farmers, offering an alternative solution to disposing of crop waste. With thousands of festival goers attending Bacardi NH7 Weekender, this was the ideal opportunity to encourage a more conscious experience and create an impactful dialogue with our audiences,” he added.

As compared to other alternatives, these rice husk glasses have the lowest carbon footprint.

The company supplied nearly 77,500 of these glasses at Bacardi Weekender, along with other experiences, such as Casa Bacardi and India Cocktail Week 2019.



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Bacardi launches bio-based, recyclable glasses made out of rice husks




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