Corona Will Accept Plastic Waste as Payment to Combat Ocean Pollution

For a week, the beer company will upcycle litter.

Here’s one way to incentivize caring about oceans: give people beer in exchange for picking up a few scraps of plastic.

On June 8, Corona is honoring World Oceans Day by kicking off a global weeklong initiative that forgoes sales in favor of a little social good. According to the brand, it will accept plastic intercepted in cities and on the coast as payment for beer.

Details of the initiative remain scant, as it’s unclear if there’s a particular plastic-to-beer ratio that needs to be met before Corona starts dishing out free brews (or six packs for that matter).

But the brand says that “hundreds of locations around the world” are participating, so it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for trash next time you head to your local watering hole.

For those in Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Spain or Colombia, recycling machines will be available in key retailers and popular bars throughout these countries so that the plastic received can be easily upcycled and given a second chance instead of clogging up the oceans.

The “Pay With Plastic” program, created by Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, marks the beginning of a full summer campaign for Corona that includes limited-edition packaging.

For every pack purchased, Corona—in partnership with environmental group Parley for the Oceans—will commit to cleaning one square meter of local beach. Nine countries are rolling out the limited-edition packaging between June and August, including Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and Brazil.


  • Beer is sold in glass bottles, aluminium and steel cans. Cardboard is used to keep the glass bottles together, while plastics is used to keep the cans together. However, brewers are starting to replace the multipack plastics with biodegradable alternatives.
  • The PH grade of the ocean is changing, we’re entering a face of ocean acidification. It will be hard to turn back this process.
  • Is Corona’s ‘Pay with Plastics’ a bridge too far? Is this green washing?
  • There’s strict legislation on alcohol advertising. With CR programs such as ‘Pay with Plastics’, companies like Corona get a lot of visibility. Do you think this is a smart way to bypass strict legislation on alcohol advertising?



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Corona Will Accept Plastic Waste as Payment to Combat Ocean Pollution