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The Most Innovative Bioeconomy CEO of 2019

ILbioeconomista has organised a vote to identify the most innovative Bioeconomy CEO of 2019. Here's the winner...

The most innovative bioeconomy CEO 2019 is Alex Michine, CEO of MetGen, the Finnish company founded in 2008 and focused on genetic engineering and synthetic biology.

Alex Michine succeeds to Ken Richards (Leaf Resources), Tony Duncan (Circa Group) and Jürgen Eck, respectively most innovative CEO 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Alex Michine is a visionary and a business leader who was able to build a word leading enzyme technology company. Alex is a true gentleman of the bioeconomy industry.

Congratulations for this great achievement!

About Alex Michine

Alex Michine is a founder and CEO of MetGen since 2008. A serial entrepreneur, Alex has over 15 years of international experience in biotechnology, pharmaceutical and cleantech industries.

He also serves on the Board of Directors of HyTest (Finland), a leading supplier of reagents for the in-vitro diagnostic market.

Alex received his MBA from the Robert Kennedy College, Switzerland in 2005.

He was previously Founder and CEO of Metkinen (2002-2005), a company active in development of fermentation technologies for pharmaceutical market, and Founder and CEO of Metkinen Chemistry (2005-2008), a producer of reagents for RNA and DNA synthesis.

Both previous companies are profitable and grew without external financing.

Most innovative bioeconomy ceo


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Alex Michine, CEO of MetGen, is the Most Innovative Bioeconomy CEO 2019


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