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Bio-on Gets New Management

Mr. Riccardo Casoni is appointed as the new general manager and sole director of Bio-on.

The judicial administrator announced on December 5 that he had appointed, with immediate effect, Mr. Riccardo Casoni as the new general manager and sole director of Bio-on Plants Srl, replacing Mr. Vittorio Folla who resigned from his office on September 12.

The appointment is aimed at promoting the stable and coordinated management of all operational and planning activities.

He has been charged to draw a growth map for the brands, patents and more generally of the technologies.

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He will have to develop (1) a path from finished products to industrial scale, and (2) exploring and expanding the market applications for PHA biopolymers.

Riccardo Casoni held management positions in other companies. He acted as the director of Environmental Quality and Safety of Società Italia Zuccheri Spa from January 2005 to July 2008, and served as industrial director of the Co.Pro.B. Group S.c.a. from August 2008 to May 2017.

According to the judicial administrator, Prof. Dr. Luca Mandrioli, it was important to search outside the company to look for new leadership. Mr Casoni was said to have the best credentials to steer the company through these turbulent times and to put the company back on track to develop and grow Bio-on’s PHA business.

Dr. Riccardo Casoni, said the administrator, possesses the necessary skills, ‘competence, authority, and knowledge of the sector’ essential to ‘successfully guide the operational management of the company in the coming months’.

Riccardo Cassoni Bio-on
Riccardo Cassoni Bio-on


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