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Stora Enso Marcus Dehlin and Sulapac CEO Discuss Partnership

Sulapac CEO Suvi Haimi and Stora Enso Marcus Dehlin discuss their partnership. Watch the video.

Stora Enso signed a joint development agreement with Sulapac in May 2018 to license its materials and technology

Sulapac’s founder and CEO Suvi Haimi, said

“We are launching a demo for a recyclable, microplastic-free and marine biodegradable straw. This is the world’s most sustainable straw that can be produced on an industrial scale and we have jointly developed it with Stora Enso. Billions of plastic straws are produced and used every week. This straw has the potential to be a true game-changer.”

Annica Bresky, executive vice president, consumer board division, Stora Enso

“This is an important step for Stora Enso and it showcases our long-term commitment for gradually replacing fossil-based materials with renewable solutions. Our collaboration with Sulapac is a great example of what we can achieve through partnership in terms of driving innovation to create sustainable solutions within the bio-economy.”

Watch the video





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