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Biocomposites Offer an Affordable Way to Go Green

Recently, the plastics industry has actively sought innovative materials. At the same time, the forest industry has developed wood-based raw materials to replace fossil-based ones.

The growing market for bio-based products creates opportunities for both raw material suppliers and product manufacturers alike, while affordable sustainability and the environment are climbing upwards on consumer agendas.

The renewable materials company Stora Enso launched its wood-based biocomposites, DuraSense® by Stora Enso, in 2018.

The DuraSense granules are a blend of wood fibers and polymers, offering a flexible solution with the mouldability of plastic, yet the strength, workability and natural feel as well as sustainable benefits of wood.

“We offer a full portfolio of DuraSense® material families to match a wide range of different plastics, ranging from PP to PA66. Our key driver is providing an affordable way to go green, without major impact on product properties. Our portfolio is developed to handle products with differing property demands (stiffness, strength, colourability, fully bio-based, food contact approved, etc.) across many applications. Wood fiber composites, in general, offer excellent stiffness and, combined with our impact-modified fibers, you can achieve a combination that competes with engineering plastics,” describes Patricia Oddshammar, Head of Biocomposites at Stora Enso.

The DuraSense® product family is suitable for a wide range of applications from consumer goods to industrial applications for manufacturing by injection moulding, extrusion, or 3D printing.

Typical applications include, for example, furniture and interior, storage and logistics, toys and childcare, hangers and retail, food contact and packaging, lifestyle and household, industrial and automotive, building components as well as profiles for stables, decking and cladding.

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