New Project: Bio-Aromatics 4 Coatings

Biorizon co-initiator TNO develops technology to convert furans into functional bio-aromatics.

Recently a new project named Bio-Aromatics4Coatings started with a focus on coating application.

Within Bio-Aromatics4Coatings project coordinator TNO is collaborating with several key companies in the coatings supply chain to evaluate bio-MPA.

Significant Impact

The goal of Bio-Aromatics4Coatings is to further develop the conversion technology for bio-MPA (3-methylphthalic anhydride) and subsequently demonstrate the applicability of bio-MPA in water-based alkyd coatings as a replacement of petrochemical PA (phthalic anhydride).

Successful demonstration promotes implementation of bio-MPA and bio-aromatics in general and thereby significant impact can be realized, as shown in the figure below.

bio-aromatics4coatings graphic

In addition to application demonstrations, the techno-economic feasibility and environmental impact of bio-MPA application in alkyd coatings will be assessed within the project.

Project Partners

The partners of this project are shown below.

This¬†project is co-financed by the ‘Dutch Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO)’.

Call for Participation & More Information

Project coordinator TNO is looking for companies that are willing to cooperate in consortia like these, in order to jointly create new biobased paint and enable the commercialisation of new bio-aromatics that are required for this.


New Project: Bio-Aromatics4Coatings


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