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Irish Lidle To Sell Seaweed Underwear

This is the next step in sustainable fashion - sustainable undies!

Lidl in Northern Ireland have announced that they will be selling sustainable underwear made from seaweed in their stores from August 1.

Sustainable fashion is on the rise due to the current climate emergency, and environmentalists worldwide are encouraging people to make more conscious decisions when it comes to their daily needs and requirements.The supermarket giant took to Facebook to announce this arrival: “We’re excited to stock sustainable underwear made from seaweed! Yes… seaweed!

“Soft, breathable and light, Seacell is an award-winning fibre made from renewable resources – seaweed and wood. The fibre is carbon neutral and completely biodegradable!

“In all stores from Thursday 1st August.”

These undies will be available from £4.99, which is around €5.50.

Sustainable fashion is on the rise because, according to the Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration, by 2050 civilisation will fall apart due to climate change.

We have already seen the effects of climate change on the earth, with the unbearably hot weather hitting Europe at the moment, and polar vortexes hitting the US in Winter.

Fashion can be very destructive in terms of the water and materials. Fast fashion is quickly made to wear and intended to be disposed of quickly rather than made to last and be durable.

Looks like Lidl are taking the right step for Mother Nature!



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