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City of London Corporation to Ban Unnecessary Plastic Waste

The organisation aims to eradicate unnecessary single-use plastics from entire organisation by 2021.

The City of London Corporation has devised a policy to eliminate unnecessary plastic waste at Guildhall and The Mansion House by 2020 to limit its environmental impact, it has been announced.

Disposable plastic cups and cutlery, cling film and plastic packaging will be the first ‘unnecessary’ items targeted, whilst multi-use packaging waste – such as plastic folders and wrapping – will also be prohibited, and waste from other non-plastic products – e.g. paper towels – limited as well.

To put the plans in motion, new staff procurement rules are set to be introduced. These will ban the purchase of single-use plastics, unless alternatives either don’t exist – in which case what’s used must be made up of at least 50% recycled plastic – or in the case these alternatives do more damage to the environment than what is in use already. In this instance, such products will be appropriately recycled.

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A staff behaviour change campaign will launch to raise awareness of the new rules, whilst sustainable options will replace various plastic products in the organisation’s procurement e-catalogues.

Contractors are also to be made aware of the Corporation’s plans; indeed, the organisation is already working with its catering sector to ensure all disposable food containers, cutlery and coffee cups are switched with reusable alternatives.

The policy, which is entitled ‘Minimising Plastic and Unnecessary Waste’, aims to eradicate unnecessary plastic waste from the entire organisation by 2021. The City of London Corporation’s portfolio currently includes social housing across six London boroughs, 10 academies and 11,000 acres of green space, including Hampstead Heath and Epping Forest.

“We are continuing to fight back against plastic waste and demonstrating our own ongoing commitment to reducing our impact on the environment, Jeremy Simons, Chair of the City of London Corporation’s Environmental Services Committee, said.

“And the support for our campaign continues to go from strength to strength, with more City workers making their stand to turn the tide on what is a global crisis.

“By working together, we can all play our part in reducing the use of unnecessary plastic – shaping the environmental legacy we want to leave behind.



This article was published on and written by Edwina Langley

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