Africa Bags Plastic Bans

Burundi Bans Plastic Bags

The government of Burundi bans the production, import and sales of plastic bags and other plastic packaging.

Rwanda adopted a similar policy more than a decade ago. The Burundi presidential decree was published in August and sets a transitional period of 18 months to empty the stocks and change products.

The presidential decree has three objectives:

  • control the use of plastic bags and other plastic packaging;
  • promote the use of materials that do not harm the environment; and
  • prevent any form of pollution caused by plastic.

There will be an exception for some plastic parts:

  • health care and pharmaceutical products
  • industrial packaging
  • construction components
  • Sewage pipes
  • laboratory equipment
  • teaching materials

Shopkeepers fear that there may not be enough bio-degradable packaging material.

The price for plastic bags increased in the entire country and became three times as expensive as before the ban.

Jean Marie Niyokindi, the minister of commerce, industry and tourism warned all merchants who raise the prices with fines and the confiscation of their plastic bags stocks.



Burundi bans plastic bags

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