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Edible Rice Bioplastics Straws

In efforts to solve the world’s plastic waste problem, a Malaysian company called Mistraws Manufacturing Sdn Bhd has created edible rice straws.

Also known as Mistraws, these eco-friendly straws are made from 100% natural ingredients – organic rice and tapioca (without organic certification.).

The company uses environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques to keep CO2 low during production, and the straws come in 3 sizes.

The company states on its website:

Here at Mistraws, we understand that the ban on the use of plastic straws would cause inconvenience to society as they have become a daily necessity for many of us.

Hence, we are here to provide an environmentally friendly product to a diverse base of markets.

You can use them as a regular straw, or you can cook them up and eat them. They are vegan, halal, and last up to 2 years on the shelf, or 3-6 hours in a drink.

The best part is, they have no taste, meaning they will not alter the flavor of your beverage in any way.

The way the company puts it: metal straws you have to lug around with you everywhere, paper straws can taste funny and get soggy, but Mistraws have none of these problems.

They are fully biodegradable – decomposing within 100 days (while plastic takes up to 500 years). They stay in cold drinks for 4 to 6 hours, and in warm beverages for up to 3 hours, without losing their shape and strength.

Together, we can make a difference. Even the slightest change, when multiplied by billions can make a huge impact. So why not start by changing our straw habit? Switch over to eco-friendly and economical edible rice straws! It’s time for a greener generation, and ideas like this are where it’s at.



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