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American Builds Lamborghini With Bioplastics

For the past year and a half, physicist sterling backus and his son have been working on a mostly 3D-printed, full-scale, functional lamborghini aventador.

The goal, as he states on the facebook page that follows the project, is to show kids how cool science and engineering are, and demonstrate the power of technology.

For the 3D-printed lamborghini aventador, sterling has already spent $20,000 USD, a lot less compared to the original car’s price tag — $639,670 USD.

Together, the duo has printed the body panels, taillights, headlights and air vents from a variety of plastics. of course, not all parts can be 3D-printed, so the frame, suspension, and drive train are all steel.

For the project, backus used 3D models of the car already available online and worked them a bit using solid works to get them ready for the printer.

Although he has used mostly plastic to print the parts (PLA, ASA, ABS, and PETG), the physicist has also used carbon fiber nylon for those parts that require extra strength.

According to sterling, his project is not piracy:

‘the parts’ design is based on the lamborghini aventador, but we have changed each panel significantly, to add our design flair,’ he says. In addition, no molds are made, and none are for sale. This is a one only project, and not for sale.’

Designer: sterling backus and son



this article was published on designboom.com and written by juliana neira

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