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US Government Becomes New Leader in Bio-Transition

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s (EERE) Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) in partnership with its National Laboratories dedicate the month of May and June to educating the US public on renewable biomass used for the production of biofuels, bioproducts, and biopower.

BETO will be sharing information on “Bioenergy Feedstocks Out Your Window” via social media and offering webinars on new research. The June webinars will focus on research strategies that enable supply-chain improvements in biomass quality and consistency through blending, preprocessing, diversity, and landscape design in development of conversion-ready, lignocellulosic feedstocks for production of biofuels, biopower, and bioproducts.

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  • US is educating its population to be ready for the “bio” transition and no other country is doing better at this point in time.
  • The Japanese Government had been the leader in promoting bioplastics in the last 12 months, but US Government becomes the new leader.
  • Japan will host its first G20 Summit on 28 and 29th of June. They have announced to be pushing for an international marine biodegradability standard. Will this be enough to retake the leadership?
  • Here are some measures that Japan could do during the G20 Summit:
    • Confront other countries that the plastic recycling era is finished.
    • Propose an action plan to remove the plastic waste from the oceans.
    • Suggest a bio-based label.
    • Standardisation of composting methods.
    • Make bioplastics in cars mandatory.
    • Propose sustainability standards for lignin.
    • Launch a green procurement Scheme
  • This is a healthy competition between US and Japan. But what about Europe? What is the European Commission doing in the meantime? We don’t know. They’re organising events and forums. They’re talking, talking and talking … Sometimes they’re pushing legislation that kills innovation. And then they’re talking again.


Did you know that following companies were playing an active role in the bio-transition….



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