Asia Automotive Lignin

Japanese Pioneer the Use of Lignin in Car Parts

Four Japanese organizations develop first auto parts in cedar lignin.

The material is a combination of lignin and polyethylene glycol and has been branded reformed lignin. The first applications will be for the hood and armrest. The first test drives will start soon and intentions to hit the road are planned for 2022.

Four Japanese Organisations

  • National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology;
  • Forest Research and Management Organization;
  • Miyagi Kasei Co. (auto parts maker);
  • Mitsuoka Motor Co (carmaker).

The advantages

  • fiber-reinforced composite materials using reformed lignin are superior in terms of strength and durability.
  • inexpensive production method (the use of residue)
  • will revitalize local economies (forestries, etc)


  • Using lignin in car making is not new. Researchers were able to transform lignin in carbon fiber for automative and aircraft applications in 2017. Read more
  • Swedish researchers produced the first model car with roof and battery made from lignin in 2016. Read more
  • Henry ford was one of the first to use bioplastics in car parts.