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Groundbreaking Technology for the Measurement of Bioplastic Degradation in the Environment

Who is the Market Leader in the Development of User-Friendly Technology for the Measurement of Bioplastic Degradation?

ECHO Instruments is one of the market leaders in the development of user-friendly technology for the measurements of bioplastic degradation.

The device for measuring biodegradation is called a ‘respirometer‘. Respirometry is an advanced technique used in biotechnology and biology for the measurement of respiratory rates of microorganisms and small animals.

The advanced technology used in ECHO Instruments’ respirometers enables the measurements of biodegradation of various materials under controlled conditions for solid and liquid samples in aerobic or anaerobic conditions.

This advanced measuring system provides multiple sensors and control elements with intelligent software for the optimization of test conditions.

The instruments can be configured to perform measurements according to following standards: ISO 14855-1, ASTM D 5338- Biodegradability of plastics in solid medium; ISO 14852- Biodegradability of plastics in aqueous medium; ASTM D6691; OECD 301B, and others.

Their state of the art software enables on-line monitoring and calculation of all-important parameters via “Remote control”.

Customer-service is at the centre of ECHO Instrument’s vision. Their team of experts provide full support and service at the customer’s location during the setup, installation and during the tests done with the Respirometer.

Many specialist from various fields (biology, chemistry, physics, electronics, etc.) have joined the company to provide assistance and instructions with initial real samples tests, choosing optimal inoculum and reference material.

Customers also receive practical know how on biodegradability applications with the special Sample preparation manual of ECHO Instruments.

In-house laboratory also offers biodegradability testing of various samples in aerobic or anaerobic conditions in solid or liquid media depending on various applications.

It’s becoming more and more important to understand how plastic and bioplastics impacts and reacts in our environment.

Therefore, the company will launch a photo respirometer later this year to study how plastic degrades in an algae environment and what the impact is on the marine and freshwater ecosystems. Through the control of lighting and mixing conditions, and the measurement of head space gas for algae and microorganisms, ECHO Instruments’ innovative technology enables the measurement of changes in the respirometry rates caused by the addition of bio plastics.

It’s an illusion to believe that bio-plastic waste will only end up in waste treatment facilities. It will eventually also end up in rivers, seas and oceans and it is therefore important to know what the impact will be on the environment.

That’s why ECHO Instruments is an important player in biodegradable plastic applications. Let’s trust a company who believe in making our world a better place.

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  • It’s a must to invest in advanced equipment to be at the top of the industry!
  • Looking at technology, quality and customer service … Echo Instruments is probably the best company on the market at this point in time.

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