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Filipino Company Gets Certification for Biodegradable Plastic Products

D&L Industries, Inc. (DNL) joins in on pro-environment efforts by taking a step towards their goal to provide materials that are sustainable and environment-friendly. A unit of the company has received their international certification for biodegradable plastic products.

The Filipino company is a listed plastics and oleochemicals manufacturer. One of its subsidiaries, D&L Polymers & Colours, Inc. (DLPC) has conformed with several international standards as assessed and certified by DIN CERTCO, a Berlin-based organization.

Product certification requirements include a heavy metal limit, biodegradation of 90% within six months of disposal, and eco-toxicity where the product will be used as compost while the soil would remain suitable for plant growth.

DLPC has invested its efforts in research and testing so that their products would meet these requirements.

Biodegradable plastic products under the formulation of DNL are registered under Biorez brand. These are used in making films, straws, containers, and cutlery.

The company is optimistic about supplying for both local and overseas demands as the recently awarded certificate gives credibility to their brand. Biorez biodegradable plastics have already been exported to Italy to be used for bags and cutleries.

DLPC managing director, Lester A. Lao stated that sales contribution of the certified product still remains small but as the world shifts to using a sustainable and more environment-friendly plastic material, the biopolymers would eventually meet its potential.

In 2018, DNL had a 10% increase in net income to P3.19 billion or about $60.5 million. However, lower coconut prices during the period caused their revenues to decline to P26.54 billion or about $504 million. 63% of the company’s revenues are high margin specialty products.

The rest pertains to refined vegetable oils and biodiesel. DNL estimated an even higher growth in profit for the year as the election period demands more product consumption. There will be a projected lower inflation rate as well.

Biorez products certified by DIN CERTCO are the 9100 series and 9200 series. The certification of the line of compostable products is valid until February 28, 2025. DIN CERTCO is well-known for the broad range of products and services they offer, including a trusted conformity assessment.

Having certified products serve as a guide for consumers in choosing the right item to purchase. Governed by the present-day need to conform to a lifestyle that promoted environmental awareness, the consciousness of consumers shows in their purchases.

More and more consumers and manufacturers alike are pushing for the continued patronization of sustainable materials.



This article was published on http://www.sciencetimes.com and written by Richelle H. Concio

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