Plastic Bans US

US Lawmaker Wants to Ban Plastic Bans

Missouri state lawmaker Dan Shaul wants to prohibit local governments from banning food and drink packaging.

Dan Shaul filed legislation that would prohibit bans, restrictions or other regulations on bottles, cups, bags, containers and other food and drink packaging. The limits would cover containers made of plastic, aluminum, cardboard and a variety of other materials.

Businesses could use more environmentally friendly packaging but the switch should be consumer-driven and not dictated by local governments.

Dan Shaul (born December 13, 1968) is an American politician who is a member of the Missouri House of Representatives, having served since 2015. He is a member of the Republican party and director of the Missouri Grocers Association.

Shaul said:

The bill will not impede a business from making a decision that’s in their best interest or meets their business model. We think it should be their decision.”


  • This is an example of “self-regulation” instead of legislation. The advantage of self–regulation (SR) include:
    • SR has less red tape than legislation;
    • SR can be adopted and changed faster than legislation;
    • SR is more inclusive as industry actors are part of the final solution.
  • The most important disadvantages of SR:
    • there’s no law to enforce SR upon “free riders” and rogue traders;
    • some SR objectives may be very low key.
  • Information and education of the public is an important factor to make SR and legislation work.



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