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First 3D Printed Bioplastic Body To Help Cancer Treatment

Marie is the first life-sized 3D-printed human body made from bioplastic to help cancer treatments.

Marie was developed by LSU engineering student Meagan Moore to test real-time radiation exposure and figure out optimal radiation therapy dosing for treating conditions like cancer.

Marie is five-foot-one-inch tall and weighs 15 pounds. She also has a detachable head and a 36-gallon water storage capacity for up to eight hours.

Marie isn’t a product of bioprinting or the process of applying 3D printing technology to create biological tissue.

This technology could potentially help create personalized treatments for people with complex forms of cancer.

Moore said

“Children and breast cancer patients have really differing morphology that is usually very difficult to treat. I find that the more we learn about any body, the more complex it’s going to be. We’re still getting medicine wrong on a lot of levels. We have a lot to learn.”

Marie was probably named after radiation scientist Marie Curie. The choice of the purple colour was due to the fact that purple was on sale.

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