3D Printing Award Canada PLA

Canadian Competition To Solve PLA Waste from 3D Printers

Canadian 3D print reseller, PrintYourMind3D, launched a contest aimed at Alberta students to tackle 3D printer waste.

The students should come up with a plan to convert, reuse or recycle wasted PLA material. It could be a tool, product or conversion method.

Students need to write a detailed method description and include a budget and material costs.

PrintYourMind3D explains:

“This competition aims to utilize 3D printed waste filament as an opportunity to educate students about the importance of sustainable development, technology and practices. Furthermore, we challenge students to propose creative and innovative ways to recycle or reuse waste filament in their local community.”

Winners will be awarded in June 2019. A panel of recycling industry experts will judge submissions. Criteria will be feasibility, novelty, impact, challenges or limitations, and the overall presentation.

The finalists will be invited to build a prototype of their method at a final event and receive a 3D printer.



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