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Sicomin Receives Certification For Bio-Based Epoxy

Sicomin (France) receives Footprint Progress Certification from Bureau Veritas for its GreenPoxy products range.

The Footprint Progress is a result driven certification based on a three-year audit program – in accordance with international standards (ISO 14062, ISO 14006 and EN ISO 14040/44)

The certificate confirms that Sicomin’s bio-based epoxy systems are eco-designed and have limited environmental impact compared to standard epoxy formulation.

The certification applies to the following GreenProxy products

  • GreenPoxy 56, a clear and waterproof epoxy system containing over 52% plant and vegetable content (laminating, injection molding, filament winding, press processes and casting).
  • GreenPoxy 33, a clear laminate with high mechanical properties, and containing over 35% plant content.
  • GreenPoxy 28, a clear laminate containing 28% plant content (tools and parts requiring resistance to temperatures).



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