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Another Bioplastics Toothbrush

Tepe launches bioplastic toothbrushes made from sugar cane and castor oil.

The toothbrush are manufactured in Sweden using 100% green energy. Tepe claims using renewable materials means it can recirculate up to 95% of CO₂ emissions during the product’s life cycle. The toothbrush will be sold in dental practices and surgeries from November 2018 for an RRP of £2.75.

Elaine Tilling, head of clinical education at Tepe UK, said.

“The Tepe Good product range marks a milestone in our continued journey towards a more sustainable future. The introduction of our bio-plastic toothbrush offers an environmentally-sensitive oral care solution that doesn’t compromise on quality. This combined with our commitment to manufacture with 100% green energy marks another important step for us as we explore opportunities to become a more sustainable business.”


  • Tepe claims this is the first bioplastics toothbrush, however it isn’t completely true … ze Germans were first with Bioplastics Toothbrush from the Biobrush brand!
  • However, the video fragment is probably one of the very first marketing / PR video from brand owners (end clients) to position a product range by promoting (biobased) bioplastics above traditional plastics. Very well done Tepe !
  • What’s going on in Sweden? It’s the second article we publish on the Swedes today. Is the winter sleep over? Is the sun back above the horizon?