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Solvay Gets New CEO

Solvay gets new Female CEO for first time in 155 years.  

Ilham Kadri (49) will become CEO on 1st March 2019. She’s half French and half Moroccan and lives in North Carolina. She’s currently CEO of Diversey an American Hygiene Technology company.

Kadri has an engineering degree from the Ecole de Chimie, Polymères et Matériaux in Strasbourg and a doctorate in macromolecular Physics-chemistry at the Louis Pasteur University.

She will replace Jean-Pierre Clamadieu who has been CEO of Solvay since May 2012. She will join Solvay on January 1, 2019 and spend two months with Jean-Pierre Clamadieu to ensure a smooth transition.

Her main duties will be to modernise Solvay and make it a more customer centric company.

Solvay is a Belgian chemical company established in 1863 by Ernest and Alfred Solvay with revenues (2017) around €11 Billion.

new ceo solvay

new ceo solvay

First Solvay Congress in 2011
First Solvay Congress in 1911 with Albert Einstein and Marie Curie


  • Solvay is a corporate dinosaur, a company that lives in its glorious past.
  • Solvay has been almost absent in bioplastics and inefficient in terms of marketing and communications.
  • Will the new CEO manage the impossible task to modernise Solvay? Can it only be achieved through restructuring? We wish her the very best.