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US Brewery Goes Bioplastics

Florida microbrewery, Saltwater Brewery, uses a six pack ring made from wheat and barley to replace fossil based plastic ring.

Plastic rings are dangerous for water animals. They can tangle in the wings of sea birds or shells of growing sea turtles and choke seals. The brewery developed the rings with a start-up company called E6PR.

Saltwater Brewery’s new rings are biodegradable and edible. E6PR hopes other breweries will buy into the new rings and help bring costs down.

The E6PR™ is the first ecofriendly six pack ring made from by-product waste and other compostable materials, designed to replace the plastic rings, which are truly damaging to our environment.

The Gulf of Mexico has one of the highest concentrations of marine plastic in the world.

E6PR is testing the edible rings with “a select group of craft breweries,” but the company is not yet ready to discuss specifics.

E6PR was set up by We believers (Advertising), Entelequia and Private Investors from Beverage Packaging Industry.



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