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Food Delivery Company Replaces Polystyrene with Bioplastics

US Food Delivery Company will replace Polystyrene with Bioplastics

Food delivery company, Square Baby, based in San Francisco delivers fresh, ready meals for babies aged four to 12 months old will replace their polystyrene packaging by bioplastics packaging supplied by Vericool Inc.

Baby Square will use compostable insulation and recyclable cold-chain packaging as a replacement for expanded polystyrene. They have signed a multi-year agreement with Vericoole.

Square Baby ship their meals to San Francisco, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and Arizona.

Vericool packaging are made from plant and are as cost-effective as Extended Polystyrene (EPS). The Vericooler I meets US ASTM D6400 and Home Compost Standards.

Vericoolers are durable, reliable, low-cost, and sustainable packaging that can also be used in the pharma sector to protect medicines, vaccines and biologicals while dramatically reducing the industry’s environmental footprint.

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