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Australian Institute of Packaging Teaches Sustainable Packaging Design

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) will give a sustainable packaging design course covering bioplastics.

The course will last half a day and is aimed at employees responsible for making packaging changes and reducing waste for their company.

The course will include practical guidelines and criteria to design and develop sustainable packaging. It will include bioplastics, plastic, glass and metal packaging and their impact on the environment. Participants are invited to bring a sample of their packaging material as a case study.

A visit to the material recovery facility is included in the course to understand how separation works and what can be recycled. One of the learnings will be to understand the end-of-life options of packaging.


  • This is a great initiative.
  • Will a half a day course be enough?
  • It’s not said whether the use of bioplastics will be encouraged or not. One of the clear advantages of bioplastics in comparison to fossil-plastics is the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We bring “potentially” new CO2 in the atmosphere when we pump out oil. We release that “extra” CO2 in the atmosphere when we incinerate fossil-plastics. In the case of bioplastics, the CO2 was already in the atmosphere but was captured by the plants.


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