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Americans Discover a New Business Model for Algae Bioplastics

Florida is dealing with an algal bloom problem. Why not make bioplastics from it?

A partnership between two companies aims to bring a solution to the algal blooming problem in the US and Florida.

AECOM, an infrastructure firm, and BLOOM a materials development company, have an agreement to deploy technology to mitigate harmful algal blooms. The joint initiative aims to provide an economic and ecologically sound solution to a problem that increasingly affects the world’s water resources.

Florida (Lee County, North Fort Myers and Cape Coral’s Nautilus Canal) are using an algae removal system developed by global engineering firm AECOM.

AECOM’s process removes the rich element of algae cells from the phototropic zone (30 cm below the water’s surface).

Dan Levy vice president of AECOM said:

“Combining AECOM’s environmental and infrastructure experience with BLOOM’s patented technology provides an innovative avenue to mitigate the algae crisis. This approach holds promise not just in Florida, but throughout the United States and other regions of the world.”

BLOOM harvests wild algae from water bodies around the world, solar-dries the biomass and converts it to a key feedstock for producing flexible foams and plastic products. The algae-based feedstock is used in the manufacturing process for products ranging from sporting goods and athletic footwear to foam insulation and automotive components.

However, Lee County has decided this time not to give the harvested algae to Bloom but they plan to work together in the future.


  • The advantage of this model is that companies could receive grants to remove the algae making it sustainable and profitable.


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