Winner of the Biobased Material of the Year 2016

And the winner is Orineo - Touch of Nature - from Belgium.


We are primarily developing biobased glues as alternative to synthetic glues used to bind vegetable granules and chips, such as cork granules, bark chips, wood chips. Also synthetic or man-made granules such as PS and PLA granules used in insulation can be glued with our biobased glues. Depending on the requirements we can develop glues that are:

  • permanent or temporarily
  • rigid or resilient
  • water resistant or water soluble
  • biodegradable or non-degradable

The biomaterials developed by Orineo are grouped under the Touch of Nature® brand. They are designed to stimulate the ratio (suited for the job), the emotion (nice looking, nice touch) and the intuition (a honest story behind the material and the raw materials).
In our range, we propose formulations for seamless floors, for table-tops, for furniture finishing and interior design. Next to branding, these developments are also protected by patent applications.

Orineo Touch of Nature Biobased material of year 2016


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