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Metabolic Explorer and SK Chemicals Optimize their Partnership

METabolic EXplorer (France) and SK Chemicals (South Korea) recently issued an update about their 1,3-propanediol (PDO) industrialization project in Ulsan (Republic of Korea). The two partners have decided to further collaborate to optimize the integration and extension of the first PDO project on the existing petrochemical complex and conduct engineering activities for the first commercial plant. It is reasonably estimated to take a six months period to perform these activities.

METabolic EXplorer is a biological chemistry company which was incorporated in 1999. Based on the tried and tested principle of industrial fermentation, METabolic EXplorer‘s solutions replace today’s petrochemical processes with the use of a wide range of plant-based raw materials.

By optimizing the metabolic yield of non-pathogenic bacteria in a contained, controlled environment, the company facilitates the production of chemical compounds used in a wide range of everyday goods (textile fibres, plastics, resins, solvents or animal feed supplements).

METabolic EXplorer is currently focusing its alternative processes on the production of three compounds , including PDO that together have an estimated, annual, end-market value of €7 billion

SK Chemicals Co. Ltd incorporated in 1969, is one of the major healthcare and chemical companies in South Korea with consolidated revenues of $8 bn in 2013.

The company’ corporate structure is being reorganized into Green Chemicals and Life Science, under the vision of ‘Becoming one of the global leaders of eco-friendly materials and total healthcare solutions provider’.

In its Green Chemicals Business, SK Chemicals is deploying a business portfolio of specialty chemicals and plastics and continuously implementing innovations to high performance bioplastics, bio-fuels and composite materials.

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