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METEX to produce Bioplastic in Malaysia

METabolic EXplorer, (METEX)  a white biotechnology company that specializes in the development of bioprocesses for the production of chemical compounds used in a wide range of everyday products (textile fibers, paints, solvents, animal feed supplements, adhesives, etc.) has recently  provided an update on its project to build a bio-propanediol (1.3 PDO)  production plant in Malaysia.

The company commissioned the French engineering company TECHNIP to conduct an in-depth assessment of the cost of resuming and completing the construction of its PDO production plant in Malaysia.

TECHNIP has now completed its assessment mission. The initial allocation of € 38 million estimated by METabolic EXplorer for the first tranche including a 8.900 tons capacity for PDO and the coproduction of butyric acic, is confirmed, as well as the time required for the construction of the plant within about two years after the resumption of work.

Briefly, provided adjustments are made to simplify and rationalize equipment choices and concentrate investment on the core process, the TECHNIP report confirms the PDO project is economically viable, with no impact on its initial quality or expected performance.

New contractual terms now need to be established with Bio-XCell in order to resume plant construction on the Bio-XCell site, located in the Iskandar area in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, METabolic EXplorer is continuing to hold discussions with potential partners on effective ways to develop the value of its PDO technology.


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