Yulex Corporation, a privately held company founded in 2000, develops sustainable, health-friendly biomaterials made from guayule (Parthenium argentatum). The company produces agricultural-based, latex allergy-friendly biomaterials for the manufacturing of medical, consumer, industrial and bioenergy products. Yulex has established sustainable clean technology through its advancements in plant breeding and genetics, agricultural practices, and proprietary material conversion technologies. Yulex develops compounds and formulas for customized products, establishes processing protocols, and co-develops finished products in collaboration with market leaders. Yulex biorubber emulsion is registered with the Personal Care Product Council under the INCI name Parthenium Argentatum Bark Extract. Yulex is based in the U.S. Southwest and has a growing global footprint.


Yulex’s portfolio of natural, guayule-based, high-performance biomaterials have medical, consumer, industrial and bioenergy market applications. Our materials, produced from an environmentally sustainable, domestic, non-food crop, are capable of replacing petroleum-based materials as well as Hevea braziliensis latex products, as well as synthetic elastomers. Yulex’s materials are the result of innovative crop science and extensive scientific development and testing. In addition to emulsion, solid and biomass materials, Yulex is developing guayule-based resin for many industries, includingnatural flavors and fragrances, adhesives, inks and paints, biopesticides.


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