Roquette group is one of the top-ranked processors of starch (N° 2 in Europe and N° 5 in the world), as well as being the world leader in polyols, N° 2 in maltodextrins worldwide, and the leading European producer of pyrogen free raw materials and cationic starches. In 2012 it achieved a turnover of 3.1 billion euros.

Roquette basically converts four vegetables into raw materials essential to industry. As a result, thanks to the starch extracted from maize, wheat, potatoes or peas, the firm produces more than 700 by-products. Specifically, the range consists of:

  • Starch products
  • Sugars and dietary fibres
  • Polyols
  • Derivatives of fermentation and fine chemistry products
  • Proteins and their derivatives
  • Fibres, oils and soluble products
  • Bioethanol

Roquette business: biorefining / starch production

Roquette has adopted the concept of integrated biorefining. It transforms renewable resources corn, wheat, potatoes and peas – into an extensive line of high quality ingredients for a wide range of food and non-food industries throughout the world.

Roquette Sustainability

The Roquette environment is changing:

  • Revolution in the green chemistry field, with the challenge of converting raw vegetable materials in order to replace the petrochemical industry.
  • Increased sensitivity of the populations to healthy nutrition.
  • Scarcity and limited availability of agricultural and energy resources with sustainable development becoming a greater necessity .
  • Our field of activity itself is an advantage with the immense potential of our raw materials. Roquette’s decisional autonomy and its economic means also constitute assets for prolonging the integration logic, the effects of scale and the international set-up.




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