Renmatix prioritized economics and scalability as key requirements of any compelling solution. We started with a clear vision to move beyond global dependency on petroleum products by making large-scale use of cellulosic sugars practical for the first time. This means successfully converting non-edible plant material to sugars at prices competitive with routes that start at food based (corn and cane) feedstocks.

We have achieved the lowest-cost route to cellulosic sugar, and are dedicated to becoming the leader in conversion from upstream biomass to downstream products via the crucial intermediary of affordable cellulosic sugars. Cheap, abundant, cellulosic sugars will foster the next wave of clean renewable fuels and chemicals. While others are still looking to expensive enzymes and harsh chemicals to break down cellulose – Renmatix has pursued an unbeaten path, using only water at high temperature and pressure. This novel approach of conditioning water to solubilize biomass has captured the attention of strategic industry partners and financial investors alike. Renmatix has grown into a robust company producing cost-effective sugars for global markets, and continues to invest in the technology that delivers those sugars (from a variety of plant types) for licensing to global partners. By providing these key intermediaries at market-leading prices, Renmatix effectively opens the door to an accelerated, large scale, bio-based industrial revolution.

Demonstrated operations and consistent production show that our processes can be scaled quickly to solve the growing demand for renewable chemicals and fuel production. To accomplish this, we are partnering with industry leaders and tailoring our technology and distinct processes to fit their specific needs.

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As insurgent players in the green revolution, the people at Renmatix thrive in a culture of passion for scientific discovery. A culture that drives real game-changing advancements – all the way to the marketplace. We’re Renmatix and we’re renewing the world.

Plantrose Process

Renmatix’s proprietary Plantrose™ Process produces the lowest cost cellulosic sugar by using supercritical hydrolysis. The new process makes possible Renmatix’s enviable economics with very fast reaction times, which reduce equipment size and associated capital expense, and by avoiding significant use of consumables such as enzymes, which reduces operating expense. Since it uses hot pressurized water as a solvent, Plantrose™ technology also avoids both the low utilization of infrastructure that occurs with traditional enzymatic batch processing and the high costs implied by the significant waste and expensive recovery systems associated with acid hydrolysis methods.

The animated diagram below illustrates how the Plantrose™ Process uses water in its supercritical state to create cellulosic sugar from biomass. As you roll over different sections of the diagram with your cursor, you will see how materials move through the process. To get a more detailed look, click on any section to learn what happens during that stage.



rethinking materials 2023 featured image

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