Plant Based Summit 2015


In this fast-growing market, the bio-based chemical Industry has reached a new era: that of commercialization. In April, as top-class congress and exhibition, Plant Based Summit 2015 will mark its involvement into the evolution of the plant-based, green and sustainable chemistry.

The French Association for Plant-based chemistry (Association “Chimie du Végétal”) and Infopro Digital, editor of the magazine Formule Verte, have combined their expertises to organise the event dedicated to all the actors and decision-makers of bio-based economy.

Focused on promoting innovation and business meetings, Plant Based Summit contributes to the development of European plant-based chemistry and its applications, through a congress at the heart of current issues and an exhibition of the best experts:

  • 30 targeted conferences with 100 International leading speakers will share their expertise on the key challenges related to technical and scientific innovations, co-development, industrialization, changes in terms of impacts and outcomes, providing first-hand insights and updates to around a thousand delegates.
  • 75 suppliers will be gathering to identify tomorrow’s solutions within the flagship end-use markets of the bio-based industry: coating, service and solutions providers, personal care products, packaging, automotive, materials, packaging, ingredients, detergents, lubricants, painting, solvents, textile…
  • 1000 International professional actors along the entire value chain of the bio-based industry:
    •  Bio-economy stakeholders (institutions, think tanks, research, consultancy, capital-investment, etc.)
    • Bio-based product manufacturers (Agro-Industry, chemicals, etc.) and their distributors
    • Downstream manufacturing market (construction, cosmetics, packaging, transport, energy, etc.) Technical visits during a special day, April 10th

You can visit our website for more details about the event.

The Association for Plant Based Chemistry (ACDV) and the media group Infopro Digital are partners in organising Plant Based Summit. Promoting the industrial development of biobased chemical production in France and Europe, the ACDV and INFOPRO Digital serve the complete value chain of the biobased economy.

The ACDV gathers about fifty major French industrial actors of agroresources, chemistry and downstream industries that invest for the long-term development of bio-based chemistry.

4 High Value Sessions:

  • Key molecules and materials
  • Market Sectors
  • Process Innovation
  • Global Context


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