BioPlastic in Automotive sector

Industry trend: high end compounds and fiber reinforced compounds gradually replace metal in automotive parts

Injection molded Ketaspire Gear Wheels
Injection molded Ketaspire Gear Wheels

Engineering plastics and thermoset materials have already succeeded in replacing metal in multiple markets. The key driver for this substitution is weight reduction and, consequently, lower fuel consumption for vehicles of all types.

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European Bioplastics Conference

“Bioplastics have potential for being a truly sustainable material”states EU Environment Commissioner Janez Potocnik. Such an encouraging perspective could not stay unnoticed!

Bioplastics News - eubp_conference_logo
Bioplastics News – eubp_conference_logo

BERLIN – More than 350 participants from 215 companies caught up on the latest discussions, developments and progress in the bioplastics industry during the 8th European Bioplastics Conference.

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