Licella has spent the past 12 years developing its proprietary hydrothermal upgrading platform, the Cat-HTR (Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor).

Cat-HTR technology has been extensively tested over a range of renewable biomass and End-of-Life Plastic at Licella’s large scale continuous-flow pilot plant on the NSW Central Coast, an hour north of Sydney, Australia.

The synthetic oil from the Cat-HTR™ process can be refined to chemicals to produce new plastics, used to produce more sustainable fuels and waxes, and has applications including road base and low sulfur marine fuels.

With over AU$75M invested in the Cat-HTR™ platform, it is now commercial-ready.

Licella is working with strategic partners to build the world’s first commercial-scale hydrothermal upgrading plants.

The Cat-HTR™ platform can be fully integrated within partner’s existing infrastructure, to provide a brand new revenue stream to industries such as pulp and paper and resource recovery.

By doing so, Licella is helping to provide a high value proposition for its partner’s low value residues, diverting plastic from landfill, incineration and the natural environment and reducing reliance on virgin fossil crude.


Licella and BioLogiQ Go For Chemical Recycling in Australia





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