Lactips produces water soluble and biodegradable thermoplastic pellets based on milk protein. Plastic transformation is realised through our secret industrial process. We are able to provide our pellets fast and with high volume. Those pellets will be used by our clients as a raw material for thermoforming, films, or any kind of plastic applications. Our first mission, correlated with our fundamental values, is to provide our industrial clients with new disruptive innovations to help them entering new markets. Our product will be a cleaner alternative to oil-based products, more efficient and  sustainable for consumers and the environment.

Lactips philosophy gathers three key elements: innovation, social impact and ecology. Here are some examples of objectives that our team is working on every day:
  • Propose high degree of innovation to help our clients entering new markets, and make them more competitive.
  • Provide a cleaner industrial product, completely biodegradable, safer for consumers and the environment.
  • Change the negative effects of oil-based plastic materials (pollution, wastes)
« Develop a new recycling industry for milk that is unfit for human consumption »
On the French market, dairy industry is ranked second of the total food industry, just after meat industry. You may think that our company will have negative impacts on the dairy industry because our material is based on milk protein! At Lactips, we are trying to set up a new recycling industry for milk that is unfit for human consumption, in order to use it for our non-edible applications.