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As a general rule: You shouldn’t believe everything you read. Humans are subjects and not object, and can thus by their nature only be subjective.

Socrates said that ‘the truth doesn’t exist’, and according to Plato we’re all being manipulated by some kind of master puppeteer….and we’re not talking about your wife or kids here.


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We have a “right of opinion” and “freedom of speech”. These liberties are engraved in most western democratic constitutions.

People lost their live in the course of history to ensure you have these rights and freedom today. It’s your right to use them or not to use them.

We may change our opinion overnight or during the course of the day. This is our right of opinions.

Our personal comments may lack “Political Correctness”, but then again if you wish for political correctness, you may ask your mother to tell you bedtime story.

You may be tempted to point your finger if you read something you don’t like … but don’t forget to look yourself in the mirror first and ask yourself the question: why am I not liking what I read? The answer is in you!

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