Bioplastics Regulations

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It’s a certainty, Bioplastics production and applications will grow in the coming years.

Government policies will be an important factor of this growth and the reasons are simple: the urge to promote

  • sustainability
  • bio-degradability

Naturally, there will be a need to (technical) standardisation.


All the latest EU News

The EU will be a major political protagonist of Bioplastics. The main reasons are:

  • EU institutions promote  environmental policies
  • EU institutions want to develop R&D in Europe
  • Europe will become a major market for Bioplastics
  • National Governments will try to protect their national interests through the EU political processes


All the latest US news

The US is already a large market for Bioplastics but (federal, state and local) Governments are less likely to legislate on the topic than the EU. There are two (related) reasons for this:

(1) US Presidents are elected with the support of many lobby groups. The oil companies play an important role in this system. Oil companies will perceive bioplastics as a alternative to fossil based plastics.

(2) To create access to US decision-makers, you need to have a lobby group and to ‘invest’ in the political campaigns of the President and members of Congress. The Bioplastics Industry may have to organise itself and buy a seat at the decision-makers’ tables.


The state of California is a US pioneer in terms of environmental legislation. They may act as such in terms of Bioplastics.



Japan has set the objective to reach 20 % bioplastics in the plastics market by 2020.

China and India

Both countries will be important markets for Bioplastics. As China has become the world’s factory, it is important to differentiate between domestic market and export.


The Government has implemented a government waste management program. Eventually, this may impact the bioplastics market.


The country has emerged as a leading producer of feedstocks for the Bioplastics industry.

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