Bioplastic Materials

Biodegradable bioplastics are used for disposable items, such as [packaging] and catering items (crockery, cutlery, pots, bowls, straws). They are also often used for bags, trays, containers for fruit, vegetables, eggs and meat, bottles for soft drinks and dairy products, and blister foils for fruit and vegetables.

Nondisposable applications include mobile phone casings, carpet fibres, and car interiors, fuel line and plastic pipe applications, and new electroactive bioplastics are being developed that can be used to carry electrical current. In these areas, the goal is not biodegradability, but to create items from sustainable resources.

Medical implants made of PLA, which dissolve in the body, save patients a second operation. Compostable mulch films for agriculture, already often produced from starch polymers, do not have to be collected after use and can be left on the fields.

Articles on Bioplastics Materials

Here’s generic list of Bioplastics:

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  • Polylactiacid (PLA)
  • Polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB)
  • Polyhydroxyalaknoates
  • Starch blends & derivates
  • Cellulosic Esters
  • Polycaprolacton
  • Other Polycondensates

Here’s a non exhaustive list of bioplastics MATERIALS


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