A Changing Industry. The chemicals market is changing. Fast. Society wants all the benefits that the chemical industry provides with none of the negative health and environmental problems and consumers increasingly demand products and processes that are more sustainable.

New Knowledge, New Relationships, New Ideas

Understanding the challenges and opportunities which are rapidly emerging requires new thinking, new ways of working together throughout value chains and across disciplines, new products and technologies and new ways to remove barriers. The Ecochem Exhibition and Conference will provide an independent, scientifically-supported platform  to accelerate innovation, research, commercialisation and market uptake in the design, production and use of efficient, effective, safe and more environmentally benign chemical products and processes.

Engage with World-Changing Thought Leaders

Market leaders including Dow, BASF, Clariant, Evonik, DuPont, Nestle, Nike, Volkswagen, P&G, Novartis and L’Oreal will share insight, breakthrough research, and disruptive new concepts and technologies – all designed to inspire and equip the leaders of tomorrow with the critical strategic and technical knowledge, contacts and skills needed to reinvent businesses and economies.

Build Shared Vision

Be part of Ecochem to think differently, build a shared vision, leverage new technologies, implement new ideas and discover unexpected partnerships, cross-sector deals and transformational plans that contribute to the collective benefit of people, the planet and profits.


Ecochem Basel 2013

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