Bio4Pack’s mission is to provide excellent innovative products in order to meet the demand for sustainable and fully compostable packaging.

Bio4Pack is committed to the conservation of our global environment and the elimination of unnecessary pollution caused by packaging.

Bio4Pack is committed to social and environmental responsibility.

We continually seek ways to diminish our environmental impact while creating better sustainable packaging solutions for our customers.

Our products are made from raw materials with a high content of renewable resources, in full compliance with European standard for compostable packaging (EN 13432) and BioBased packaging according to ASTM D 6866.

Made of native starch, PLA (polylactic acid) is the perfect base for fruit and vegetable as well as meat packaging.

Tasteless and heat-resistant up to 40 degrees Celsius, PLA can be processed into many shapes and sizes, including film. PLA is both Cradle to Cradle and ISCC certified: the plants used to get the starch were grown in a sustainable manner.

Products & Applications

  • Flow Wrap
  • Laminated Films
  • Netting
  • Starch Based Products
  • PaperWise

Bio4Pack Website

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