Arctic Biomaterials

Arctic Biomaterials Oy is a company producing biodegradable plastic solutions for the medical and technical industries. The bioresorbable glass fiber reinforced PLA materials produced with ABMcomposite technology enable us to fulfill customer needs in demanding applications in an environmentally friendly way.

Arctic Biomaterials is the winner of the prestigious price:

Innovation Award 2018 – Bio-based material of the Year

In the medical field we are able to offer bioresorbable composite solutions with increased strength and in the technical field we offer biodegradable composite solutions for demanding technical applications.

The ABMcomposite technology offers high-performance bio-based and degradable alternatives for demanding technical applications. 

The materials are produced on our long-fiber-reinforced-thermoplastic (LFRT) line. This proprietary degradable long glass fiber compounding technology increases the PLA temperature resistance and mechanical properties to new levels and opens a variety of possible application areas in the field where technical plastics are being used. Heat deflection temperature (HDTA) of up to 160 °C can be reached.

The environmental aspect and climate care are deeply embroidered in our company’s DNA.

The two key indicators in a products’ environmental footprint are greenhouse gases (GHGs) and non-renewable energy use. In some cases compared to traditional technical plastics the amount of GHGs and use of non-renewable energy (per kg of polymer produced) can be reduced as much as 60-80% by using ABMc compounds. For the final calculation/comparison, the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) tool should be used.

BIO-Glassfiber Reinforced Products

ABM composite LFT technology provides:

  • Excellent stiffness and strength
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Good creep and fatigue behavior
  • Dimensional stability and low warpage
bio-glassfiber reinforced products


ABM composite compounding technology provides:

  • Excellent impact resistance, higher than ABS
  • Excellent stiffness and strength
  • High Temperature resistance
  • Good surface properties
non-reinforced products arctic biomaterials


ABM composite compounding technology provides:

  • Excellent impact resistance comparable to PC/ABS and PC
  • Good temperature resistance
  • Excellent weld line strength
  • Good flowability
partially biobased products arctic biomaterials


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