Amitroplast is an important ingredient in your bioplastic compound.

With the AMITROPLAST product family, AGRANA provides a user-friendly thermoplastic starch for extrusion, film blowing, injection molding and 3D printing.

Our AMITROPLAST products allow users to incorporate significant amounts of thermoplastic starch and thus, to create tailor-made polymer compounds that are processable by using standard polymer equipment and capable of adding extra value to innovative products.


  • Carrier bags
  • Fruit and vegetable bags
  • Bio-waste bags
  • Mulch films
  • Non woven fibers


  • Agricultural clips and guides
  • Plant pots
  • 3D print filament
  • Cutlery
  • and many more


  • Bio-based

AMITROPLAST® has a bio-based carbon content of 100 % and allows you to reach easily 40 % and more in your products.

  • Film

A 25 μm film, based on a compound that consists of 50 % AMITROPLAST® and 50 % PBAT (polybutylene adipate-co-terephthalate) results typically in an exten-sibility of approximately 350 % and a tensile strength of 25 MPa.

  • Stretching

Stretching increases the tensile strength, whereby values in a range of 60 MPa are accomplished (depending on the applied draw-ratio).

  • No smoke

The new technology of AMITROPLAST® significantly reduces the development of smoke during film blowing.

  • Injection Molding & Thermoforming

AMITROPLAST® can be applied in injection molding and thermoforming processes.

  • BIO-degradation & composting

AMITROPLAST® is home-compostable and improves the compostability of your extruded and injected products significantly.

  • Certifications

AMITROPLAST® is bio-based, bio-degradable and can be disposed of in a home or industrial composting environment.

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