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Third Auction for Bio-on (FREE)

The starting price is € 54.5 million. This is a FREE article.

The announcement was published yesterday. 

The starting price will be 54.5 million. 

A ‘discount’ of around 40 million compared to the first and second auctions.

Third auction attempt is for the entire Bio-on company complex. 

The Bolognese Unicorn of bioplastic had capitalized over a billion on the stock market before the crash of 2019.

The auction will be held on October 27th. 

The starting price is 54.5 million: a ‘discount’ of 40 million compared to the first auction, declared unsuccessful on May 5, and 18 compared to the second, which was carried out with the same result on 28 July. 

Also this time on sale there are both Bio-on Spa and Bio-on Plants

The unions and bankruptcy trustees (Antonio Gaiani and Luca Mandrioli) are moving to extend the layoffs of employees, about twenty between the two company branches. 

Some expressions of interest received by the curators, aimed at guaranteeing production continuity and, therefore, the desirable rescue of the company.


Bio on asta, via al terzo tentativo il 27 ottobre

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