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Deposit Return Scandal in Belgium (FREE)

Another secret deal revealed. Is this corruption or bribery? This is a FREE article.

Belgian Newspaper “Le Soir” was able to get a copy of a contract / convention signed between the industry and the Walloon Government in 2016.

On the industry side we have trade bodies: Fevia (food industry) and Comeos (Retail).

Here are a few consequences of the convention:

An NGO called Be Wapp was created to organise waste collection activities (by regular citizens)

Industry agrees to fund waste collection activities for an amount of € 3.9 million.

In return, the Walloon Government agrees not to install deposits return schemes on bottles and cans for a period of 6 years (ending in 2022)

Where did the money go?

Did the industry also signed a secret deal with the Flemish Government?

More to follow.

Extract of the Newspaper Article


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