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3M Received Eco Grants from Flemish Government (FREE)

Another episode in the Belgian 3M PFAS scandal. This is a FREE article

Eco Grants

3M received eco grants from the Flemish Government (Belgium) in 2019.

3M received around 5 million € in eco grants over a period of 10 years.

Part of these grants were referred to as “ecological strategic support”.

From the € 5 millions, € 2 millions came from the Flemish “Climate Fund “.

The finality of these eco-grants was to help develop technologies to protect the environment and reduce greenhouse gasses emissions.


The million dollar question is: why did a company like 3M received eco grants?

The Flemish government was aware of the 3M PFAS pollution when the grants were given in 2019.

3M is not an eco-friendly company; they’ve been polluting the world with PFAS chemicals.

3M has a low moral corporate standards; they’re trying to escape their responsibility and minimalise the problem.

3M has been knowing for many years that PFAS are very bad for human health and the environment.

Conclusion and Next Steps

The Flemish government will start an inquiry on these eco-grants.

3M has been winning.

  • They polluted massively,
  • They made billions of profit.
  • They received eco-grants.
  • They didn’t have to pay to clean up the PFAS pollution.

The Flemish people have been loosing:

  • Their environment has been polluted.
  • PFAS pollution will have serious consequences for the health of the people who were intoxicated.
  • Flemish tax payer money was given as eco-grants.
  • Flemish tax payer money will be used to clean up the PFAS pollution.

3M is not the only guilty party.

Many politicians and public officials have been closing an eye on 3M’s proceedings.

Was it due to greed, corruption or lack of professionalism?

What happened to the “Extended producer responsibility” and the “polluter pay” principles?


The Flemish government is probably not the only Government in this situation.

Will the Flemish government recognise their mistakes?

Will they repair their errors by dealing with 3M adequately in the future?

Will the Flemish government set a precedent and inspire other governments on how to deal with 3M and similar cases?

The environment and the people have been on the losing end too often when it comes to pollution.

Will the Flemish government help end this tradition?


Vervuiler 3M betaalt niet, hij passeert zelfs langs de kassa

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