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New 3M FBSA Scandal in Belgium (FREE)

New 3M scandal seems to prove that Flemish Government are amateurs when it comes to environmental issues. This is a FREE article

3M appears to be illegally discharging toxic substance (PBAS) into the Schelde river. 

This is the conclusion from a research done by VTM Nieuws . 

FBSA is a substance that builds up in the lungs. 

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Since 2002, 3M has stopped producing PFOS.

Since then, 3M has continued to produce other hazardous substances.

An internal memorandum from the Flemish Department of Care and Health shows that 3M produces another toxic substance: FBSA.

3M never applied for a permit to dump FBSA in the rivers.

The FBSA release is not measured by the Flemish government, so 3M was able to discharge toxic wastewater undisturbed for years.

According to cancer expert Prof. Nic Van Larebeke (Ugent and VUB) FBSA may be associated with respiratory infections in children under five and a decrease in their antibodies, and cardiovascular disease in adults.

Van Larebeke therefore calls for 3M’s production to be stopped before it has been determined to what extent the products are harmful to health. 

Other experts, on the other hand, want a general ban on all PFAS substances in Europe.


Chemiebedrijf achter PFOS blijkt ook ander giftig materiaal in de Schelde te lozen: stof FBSA stapelt zich op in de longen

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3M PFAS Scandal

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