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Is Tom Szaky From Terracycle a Hoarder? (FREE)

Is Tom Szaky from Terracycle the greatest hoarder in the history of mankind? Did he brought hoarding at an industrial scale? This is a FREE article

A new lawsuit filed against TerraCycle in March 2020 alleges that it and its biggest corporate partners — including Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Late July Snacks, Gerber, L’Oreal, Tom’s of Maine, and Clorox — are not telling the whole truth when they say their packaging is recyclable.

It says the recycling programs are not accessible or transparent, and the vast majority of packaging still winds up in the landfill or ocean despite conscious consumers’ best efforts.

TerraCycle helps these conglomerates “reap the rewards of portraying their products as recyclable while offering no corresponding benefit to the environment or to consumers concerned about sustainability,” according to the suit.

The suit also says that TerraCycle has provided no hard proof that it is recycling what it says it is.

(The brands named in the suit declined to comment, citing pending litigation, except Gerber, which said it “stands behind all of our claims around recyclability.”)

Environmental advocates believe TerraCycle’s core business is actually just providing greenwashing services to corporations that want to look like they are doing something about plastic waste.

In fact, they believe these corporations are making and selling ever more disposable plastic products — and then making it your problem instead of theirs.

Personal Remarks

Do you think Tom Szaky looks like a Hoarder?

Technically speaking …. If all the collected packaging waste is not recycled or incinerated it, it could be defined as hoarding.

This is a joke. I don’t want to offend Tom Szaky who is a great leader and spokesperson for the recycling industry.

And we shouldn’t laugh with the hoarding disorder.

My apologies if I have offended anyone. I just wanted to make you laugh.

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This company claims to help the world’s biggest corporations recycle. Activists say it’s greenwashing.

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