New Bio-on Auction Sale (FREE)

Deadline for the offer is 27 July 2021 at 12.00.

Auction Sale is on 28 July 2021

Starting Bid:  72.500.000 €


Single Joint Lot  which consists of:

  • a) BIO-ON Business Complex and in particular by:

– real estate complex located in the Municipality of Castel San Pietro Terme (BO), Via Legnana n. 1900, Loc. Gaiana,

– PHAs bio-plastic production plant located in the Municipality of Castel San Pietro Terme (BO), Via Legnana n. 1900, Loc. Gaiana; equipment, furniture and furnishings; 

patent portfolio and corporate information; 

brand portfolio, consisting of proprietary brands; 

shareholdings held by the bankrupt company, company information constituting the fermentation technology deriving from the “Research project for the manufacture of plants capable of producing bioplastics from agricultural crops”; 

registered movable property;

 – PHA / PHB powder warehouse stocks and other inventories – pending contracts, including employment relationships;

  • b) BIO-ON Plants Business Complex and in particular by

movable property consisting of: laboratory equipment, mechanical workshop equipment, electrical workshop equipment, various furniture and furnishings, various equipment, electronic office machines; 

PHA / PHB powder warehouse stocks and other inventories; pending contracts, including employment relationships

For a more analytical detail and a better identification of the aforementioned elements that make up the business complexes of the bankrupt companies, please refer to the documentation available in the Data Room, the Appraisals of the assets also available there and the respective Bankruptcy Inventories also available in the Data Room.

Given the complexity of the transfer methods and the methods of accessing the Data Room, proceed with a careful reading of the notice of sale to which reference should be made for any further information.

Increasing offers cannot be less than Euro 100,000.00

Payment: methods As indicated in the Notice of Sale

Each bidder, except the bankrupt and all subjects not admitted to sale by law, must deposit by 12 noon on the last non-holiday day preceding the sales one , at the Coordination Office for executive, bankruptcy and delegated division procedures. to the notaries of the Court of Bologna, Via Farini n. 1, together with the application in stamp duty for participation in the auction, the receipt of payment on the bank current account in the name of the Bio-on Bankruptcy at the

Emil Banca Credito Cooperativo,

branch in via Nicolò Macchiavelli n. 1, Bologna,

IBAN IT81Z0707202406000000431383

(for bank transfers from abroad the BIC SWIFT code is as follows: ICRAITRRTS0)

for a sum equal to € 1,000,000.00;

For more information on how to participate in sales, contact the trustees of the bankruptcy procedure dott. Antonio Gaiani with studio in Via Castiglione n. 25 Bologna tel. 051/235486 and Prof. Dott. Luca Mandrioli with office in via Spilamberto n. 1631 Vignola (MO tel. 059/7520153.

Sales hearings:

  • 07/28/2021 hours 10:00 – without auction


Dr. Antonio Gaiani

Phone: 051/235486

Delegated professional

Notary Dr. Federico Tassinari


Dr. Fabio Florini






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